Welcome to Industry Inventories

Our app was developed to assist broad-acre farmers with the formal recording of their animal health products and agricultural pesticides as stipulated by the State Governments of Australia. Use your Apple iPhone or iPad, or your Windows or Android phones and tablets, to scan a product and record all necessary information with ease. So say “goodbye” to arduous paperwork and download the Inventory Inventories App now.

What sort of farming are you involved in?

The Industry Inventories App can assist you no matter what type of farming you are involved in. Whether you own, run or work in the Australian Agricultural Industry managing and providing produce such as dairy, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, wheat, cane sugar, canola or grains; our app can help make your life a little easier. You might run a piggery, an orchard, vineyard or cotton farm – whatever agriculture you are involved in, you will already know that it is a legal requirement to record details of all pesticides and animal health products that are purchased, stored and applied on your farm. This is where we can help. By downloading the Industry Inventories App, you can record this information directly into your mobile device.

Our Product Database

Our App uses the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) extensive PUBCRIS datatabase for users to easily access the brand and product names of the products they are logging. This database is regularly updated by us in accordance with the APVMA. All pesticides and veterinary products are available directly from the Industry Inventories App selectable via easy-to-use drop down menus. Click here to view the PUBCRIS database online.


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