Here at Industry Iventories, we have created an entire integrated app and website solution. It allows our users to enter their product details via a user-friendly interface on any of their mobile devices. Later, when their inventories have been created, they can log into the Industry Inventories website to view their inventories on their computers.

All you need to do is download the Industry Inventories App. You will be asked to enter a username and password. These will give you access to both the app and your confidential Pesticides and Animal Health Inventories on our website.

Feature List

  • In-built scanner so you may scan your product’s barcode with your mobile device.
  • Add new products to your Pesticides and Animal Health Inventories.
  • Find products in our extensive Pesticides and Animal Health product database.
  • Update existing product details in your Pesticides and Animal Health Inventories.
  • View your inventories on your mobile device OR for a better view, simply log into our website and view on your computer screen.
  • Download your Pesticide and Animal Health Inventories onto your computer.
  • Email your inventories to recipients of your choice.
  • Run various reports.