How it works

Currently, all Australian farmers are logging their Pesticide and Animal Health Inventories on paper. By using the Industry Inventories App, you can, not only simplify this process, but modernise it and make it less tedious.

The Industry Inventories App comprises of two inventories and two product (item) databases covering Pesticides and Animal Health products. This allows you to simply select the inventory of your choice and start adding or updating item details.

Our app allows you to enter Item IN and Item OUT details. As you would already be aware, your Item IN details is the logging of products that are initially brought to your farm. Item OUT details involves updating these details relating to usage and storage.

Quick Tips

  • The Industry Inventories app has an inbuilt calculator so it’s quick and easy to input any volumes of product used on your farm!
  • Did you know that you can customise your app by adding your own farm’s locations via the ‘setting’s menu?
Adding an Item to your Inventory

  1. Once you have downloaded the Industry Inventories App, you can start!
  2. Firstly, select the inventory you wish to work with: Pesticides OR Animal Health.
  3. Select Item IN.
  4. If you select Item IN, this means that you are adding a new product to your inventory. You may scan your item’s barcode, manually enter it OR select the Brand and Item details from our app’s inbuilt product database feature. Just start typing the Brand and a drop down list will appear. Select your brand from there. Then choose the Item the same way!
  5. Our app will bring up a new record for you to complete by entering the item’s details in all of the mandatory cells. When it comes to brand and item details, simply commence typing and our product database will bring up the relevant brand name you are entering. The item listing is then tailored according to the brand, so you can just select your item from the item list displaying.
  6. Once all the details have been entered, press the SAVE button and your record will have been added to your very own inventory! OR press the SAVE and Add another item button to scan another barcode.
Updating your Item Details

  1. Select the inventory you wish to work with.
  2. Select Item OUT button.
  3. Scan or manually enter the barcode of the item you wish you update. If you don’t have the barcode handy, simply start typing in the Brand and select it from our product database in the drop down menu and continue this way to add the Item name.
  4. Your record will appear. Depending on how many records you have already added, you might be required to select the required record from a list displaying on your mobile device’s screen.
  5. Update the record and SAVE.
Viewing your Inventories Online

  1. Simply go to our website and select the Login menu at the top.
  2. Login using your confidential username and password you entered when you downloaded the Industry Inventories App.
  3. Select your inventory and view.
  4. You can download it to your PC, convert it to spreadsheet, Email it or run reports using our reporting options.
Editing or deleting records

  1. Our app’s ‘edit’ function allows you to quickly fix any volume of units errors you may have made. On the ‘ii Agriculture’ screen, simply swipe your finger to the left across the relevant record to find the Edit button.
  2. To delete a record, simply swipe across the the right to find the Delete button!